Tiny War Online is a Fun Capture the Flag Strategy Game

Tiny War Online - An addicting strategy game (AppStore Link)
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Tiny War Online - An addicting strategy game
Developer: Thang Dinh
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tiny war online for iPhone There is a reason why Tiny War Online references itself as "an addicting strategy game" and that's due to the fact that it is one. At its basic level, it's a digital capture the flag game that allows you to battle against people across the world. The simplicity of the game is fun and, well, addicting.

When you first open the real-time multiplayer game Tiny War Online, there are several menu options to choose from. Tap on the profile button and you can view your score, level, coin count and achievements. Slide over to the chat icon and you can message other players as well as see a list of your friends or people you've banned.

After you've found your way around make sure to jump into the game by tapping on the challenge tab where you can pick a random user or send an invitation to a person already on your friend's list. This is where strategy starts ... as now you have to choose where to place your players on your board. The board is setup almost like a checkerboard or chess board in that it's a tile-based system. You start on one side and your opponent starts on the other.

However, the catch is that you can't see your other opponents player value, i.e. is the player that they're sending into battle more powerful than the player that you're moving across the board. This is a lot of fun because it mixes up an otherwise standard gaming session. While you're in battle you can still chat as well as ask for a draw, surrender and change game settings.

Once you win or lose you can retreat back to the lobby and check out your ranking or head over to the shop and buy some items that might help you in the long run such as different energy packs.

Strategy Tips for Tiny War Online

An important note to make is that not all of your players are created equally and that's pretty much the biggest part of why you need to pay attention when placing players on the board. They can move different ways, have different levels of attack and defense points and can die quickly if you don't pay attention to what your opponent is doing too.

For instance, if you see them move a piece laterally instead of vertically towards you ... maybe it's a defense piece? Maybe it's a bomb? Maybe a flag is in the way and they have to move their player around it. So keep an eye out.

Overall, Tiny War Online has a lot going for it. Solid gameplay, decent graphics and tons of strategies to consider when playing that keep it interesting.

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