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TinyVox Pro | Brainstorm better™. (AppStore Link)
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TinyVox Pro | Brainstorm better™.
Developer: Srini Kumar
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TinyVox Pro for iOSSome of us veterans - and by veteran I mean older people - of the communication age remember coming home and checking our messages on the answering machine. Then there were cell phones with voicemail. Then there was texting, which pretty much took over any voice communication at all. However, there is now the TinyVox Pro app that is bringing voice back and it just might catch on.

For as social as our society appears on Facebook and Twitter, we really have become a very anti-social group that prefers short texts and virtual communication over voice and in-person conversations. TinyVox Pro is just the app to get you and your friends back to actually hearing each other's voices as well as potentially, oh I don't know, meeting up and physically being in the same space for a real conversation. Before I get ahead of myself ... TinyVox Pro is a true MP3 recorder that allows you to capture voice. 

Whether it be the next big idea, a recipe, lyrics to your next hit song or just a note to mom and dad to say hi, the app is super easy to use and features several ways to share. As I mentioned above, it's a bridge between your "social" life and your actual life since you can record your messages and share via Facebook, Twitter and even post to YouTube. I like the email option too as it's easy to send a quick "I'm thinking about you" message without posting to the world. Makes it more intimate.

Why buy TinyVox Pro over simply using the free Voice Memo app from Apple? Several reasons. First, TinyVox Pro allows you to record, review and trim your recording if necessary. Also, Apple's app only allows you to share via email or message. TinyVox Pro gives you several options such as email, message, Facebook, Twitter, tumblr and SoundCloud. It even gives you a stream of what's happening on Twitter via @TINYVOX. Basically, it gives life to your voice.

In addition to my sappy note idea above, here are some other TinyVox Pro tips and tricks, including:

  • Enter a Twitter @username as your tape label and tweet it. That contact will get a notification of your message.
  • Add a voice recommendation to your Yelp reviews. Simply record your on the spot recommendation and insert the share link into your review.
  • Send your notes to your Evernote email address for later review. Evernote charges for upload bandwidth though.
  • You can upload in the background if your tape is too long.
  • Send your note via direct message in Twitter by labeling your tape "d username" and then tweet it.

TinyVox Pro is a solidly built app with a ton of features that will help you take down notes for your classwork, new song or random thoughts such as el queso es viejo y mohoso. Overall, this app is a must have for those of you looking to get a feature-packed voice recording app.

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  • Ananda

    This a great review for a truly great app. Thanks!