Tip Calculator Top Can End Your Meal Right


tip calculator top iphone appLike other similar apps for iPhone, Tip Calculator Top is exactly what its name implies — a tip calculator. You can input the amount of the bill, select the percentage you want to tip, and even split the total bill evenly between multiple people and receive an immediate calculation. You’ve probably seen it or similar apps browsing the app store and I’m pretty sure Tip Calculator Top is the tip app demonstrated in one of the iPhone commercials on television. But even if it’s not, it’s still rather ideal for its intended purpose.

I must confess that early on, I seriously questioned the validity of an app that calculated something as simple as a tip. I have avoided downloading any apps in this particular subcategory on sheer principle. I am the person who gives kids at fast food restaurants two-dollar bills or odd amounts of change in order to receive even amounts of change back. Then I laugh silently when the whole concept of addition and subtraction of money perplexes them, while I lament for the lost generation of kids who can’t perform simple math without the aid of buttons.

All principles aside, Tip Calculator Top is pretty darn cool for something so simple. And, (gasp) I rather like having my own buttons to push to perform simple math. Simple math isn’t all Tip Calculator Top does though. Sure it calculates the amount of a tip based on an assigned percentage of the total bill and supplies the grand total, but it goes a little beyond that. Tip Calculator Top will also calculate the tip exactly, rounded, or mirrored.

I especially like the mirrored function, which is useful if you pay for meals with a debit or credit card and want to ensure nobody is taking more than they should. If you always calculate your tip to give a mirrored total (example: $27.72, $31.13, $14.41 etc.,) you will always know your payment was processed correctly when you check your bank statements. Of course if you are one of those people who save all receipts until you verify your statements, you probably won’t use this function, but some of us aren’t that organized.

Tip Calculator Top is good, but does not do what some of the other tip calculator apps do. For instance unlike Tipulator and CheckPlease, Tip Calculator Top does not allow for currency other than US Dollars and it doesn't give you the option to choose which way to round. Still, the user interface, with side by side keypad and scroll wheels, is seamless and easy to use and it still tells you what you want to know.

If you are looking for a simple to use tip calculator and don’t need to figure additional currencies, Tip Calculator Top will serve you well — and depending on whether or not your actual server does, scroll the wheel and adjust accordingly.

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  • William mieger

    I purchased this app for my iphone. After installing the recent iphone software update, the app disappeared. The app store will not let me reinstall. Suggestions? wm

  • http://www.BrainCounts.com Jon

    Here is one that does everything you need, and it’s based on a Star Rating System that derives the appropriate tip percentage and is fully configurable to your preference.

    The app name is “Rate My Tip”.

  • Phil McCraivese

    "while I lament for the lost generation of kids who can’t perform simple math"

    Kind of like how we lament that lost generation of adults who can't figure out technology and are then forced to buy apple products. ;D

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