Tipper - you may never need to do math again


I have a friend who always tries to get out of paying the tip; I’m usually the one making up for it because I get full and then I get tired.  I’m too lazy to be bothered with figuring out the tip - especially if I am eating with many people.

Tipper is just what is sounds like, a simple tip calculation application.  You plug it how much of the bill you owe and Tipper tells you what the tip should be at ten percent, fifteen percent and twenty percent levels.

If you are a big tipper, this app can’t help you out.  But then again, if you are a big tipper money isn’t probably something you need to worry about, so leave the app to us hard work’in folk who aren’t good at math.

This could be a handy app, but I just imagine sticky French fry fingers all over iPhone screens from Washington to Florida.

The one thing they could improve on are the graphics.  Way too basic!  The iPhone has great resolution - use it!

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