Tipulator is Sweet Like Candy at the End of Your Meal

Tipulator (AppStore Link)
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Developer: Sophia Teutschler
Price: free Download on the App Store

tipulator calculate tips with easy on iphone, ipod touchIf there's anything that Apple has taught us over the years it's that users are willing to pay for a great user experience. Such is the case with Tipulator.

Sure, there are free tips calculators in the app store and sure, Tipulator doesn't offer any extra-special features. What it does offer is eye candy — pleasing graphics, an intuitive interface, and little something sweet to wrap it all up (tap the candy icon to learn what I mean).

Tipulator does exactly what it claims to do. Using your local currency (dollars, pounds or euros) it will calculate the tip according your requested percentage and split the check among up to 25 people. You can also choose to round up or down the tip or total check.

Tipulator is truly simple and truly useful. I love it when form follows function.

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