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TMZ has become one of the go-to sites for entertainment "news." The gossip kind of course, and they’re pretty darn good at it getting it to you and fast! The tabloid site has officially released it's iPhone application to give Hollywood's voyeurs the type of details that will make you ooh, ah and blush over your favorite celebrities — anywhere, anytime of the day from your handset.

If you've ever visited the site from your iPhone and were a little bummed that you couldn’t play all the videos or see all of the extras the app is a media treat. There is no trick to using TMZ just tap the icon and wait for it to load. The home screen gives you four information buttons. Choose from news, videos, photos and TMZ TV to get your daily fix.

News will get you in on all of the action. Here you’ll find the latest greatest entertainment news at the touch of a button. It’s the same stuff from the site but organized in an easy to read and navigate template that's optimized for the iPhone's screen.

Click on Photos and you’ll be whizzed over to the photo galleries. Here you can choose from an infinite number of digital images of recent events, and happenings with your favorite celebrities. Choose one of these and you’ll get a high-quality digital image that loads lightning fast depending on your connection.

Equally impressive is what happens when you hit the video button. Click on a video and within a few seconds you’ll have access to a library of the most recent videos on TMZ. The visual interface and menu buttons are done superbly. It’s easy to navigate too. You can slide through the videos with your finger and tap to choose the one you like. The developers take full advantage of the crisp clear screen. None of the videos are pixilated and the sound quality is great.

Fans of the popular television show will be pleased to know that the TMZ TV button includes voice overs and video packages from the entertainment news magazine program. So expect the same humorous voices, graphics and witty sound bytes from celebrities.

The TMZ app is officially the next generation of the blog that does everything. From the photos, to the videos to the menu screen everything appears to be technically sound and aesthetically pleasing. In my opinion the only thing missing from the TMZ app is ability to send in tips or snap your own celebrity mayhem and send it in faster than you can say TMZ!

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