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Toast Shooter HD
Developer: Stefan Preuss
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

toast-shooter-hd-ipadToast Shooter HD turns your iPad into a shooting gallery with the object of taking down the most formidable of enemies: toast.

It is a great game that is especially enjoyable on the iPad's larger screen. Play begins with a toaster popping up and then launching multiple pieces of toast into the air. In order to earn points you must blast them out of the sky with your jelly cannon; aka your finger. For every miss a jelly meter at the top of the screen drops. If the meter goes empty then the game is over.

However, you can't just whack away at every flying slice in Toast Shooter HD. Burnt toast is sometimes launched, which will further drain the jelly meter if hit. Also the longer you keep going the more toasters appear on screen, which will soon have bread flying all over the place. It doesn't end there as sometimes a toaster will overheat, which must be fixed by tapping on it three times.

While it is a great solo player game Toast Shooter HD is also linked up to the Open Feint social gaming network so you can challenge friends to a bakery throwdown.

Toast Shooter HD is pretty easy to figure out, but the help menu offers a more detailed explanation of the points available for the different kinds of toast as well as other objects. Playing Toast Shooter HD is relatively stable, though I did experience a couple of crashes during testing.

There are two modes in Toast Shooter HD. In the timed mode you have a limited amount of time to take down as many pieces of toast as possible. Or there is an unlimited setting where you must survive as long as possible until the jelly meter is fully drained.

Overall Toast Shooter HD executes its simple concept relatively well. An iPhone version ($0.99) is also available separately. If you own both an iPhone and iPad the latter version is recommended as it is more manageable to blast away at the toast with the extra screen real estate available on the iPad.

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