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To Do Checklist - Share Tasks & Location Reminders (AppStore Link)
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To Do Checklist - Share Tasks & Location Reminders
Developer: Simplex Solutions Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

ToDo ChecklistFor many iPhone and iPad users, productivity apps are a large part of what makes their devices indispensable. Though task lists, planners and organizer apps abound, anyone looking for a simple, but full-featured task list organizer will find ToDo Checklist a solid choice. This to-do app has several features that make it user-friendly and intuitive and provides a practical means of creating, managing and organizing routine, necessary tasks or events.

The key features of ToDo Checklist are the essentials of a task organizer app – the ability to create, categorize and prioritize everyday undertakings. Of course having the ability to also set reminders is key and ToDo Checklist doesn’t neglect this function. The other key feature necessary to accomplishing to-dos is the ability to communicate and share your plan as well as access your list quickly and ToDo Checklist delivers. ToDo syncs with users’ DropBox accounts, provides the ability to call or email contacts within the app, and has a quick and simple paste function for creating tasks from text copied from messaging or another app.

While ToDo Checklist is a practical and fully functioning task organizer, it also earns kudos for being stable and well-designed. It’s streamlined and uncluttered and doesn’t require an instruction manual to use. In other words, users can create and manage tasks quickly. There are preset categories for super quick lists – like shopping or simple “to-do” lists – but you can also create custom categories if desired. You can also prioritize tasks based on a star-rating system, assign due dates and add details and contact information when and where desired. Editing tasks is also a breeze. ToDo Checklist then keeps your tasks organized on the main screen by importance, “Today’s Tasks” and those that are outdated.

ToDo Checklist also provides a built-in calendar, which will display dates with tasks due and the number of tasks assigned to that day. Clicking on the date populates the list of tasks. This feature is pretty useful for seeing the day at-a-glance, but differs from a day planner in that no hour by hour time line is shown. Still, ToDo makes a solid go at providing a task organizer that can be used for all of life’s chores including shopping, vacation packing, kids’ schedules, work projects and appointment reminders. Plus it has a fairly sleek visual design that is easy to read rather than perpetuate headaches.

As a task organizer, ToDo Checklist is solid and reliable. It provides way more function than any of the native iOS task and note apps and is capable enough to be an all-in-one organizer and planner for most uses. With a small two-dollar price tag, ToDo Checklist is a good value for a simple but functional task manager.

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