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Todo for iOS is a new, fancy way to track your tasks!For someone like myself; in school by day, working hard on projects by night, you can get a bit overwhelmed by the invasion of work of all shapes & sizes that can come at you at all hours, and it can  be hard to remember it all! While there's always writing that stuff down on a pad of paper, we're in the computer age people! #todo is here to save the day and give you a way to easily keep of track of the important stuff & more, all from your iOS device! To only make things even more awesome, #todo lets you incorporate powerful tagging & sorting features to easily allow you to manage the lists as they grow and become unruly in themselves

Landasia Soft, developers of this fashionably new app in the Appstore for the age-old task of, well, task management, put a TON of effort into making this an app that is not only feature rich, but innately capable of the most unique of tasking situations. Typically, for the average person, setting up tasks & to-do lists often compose of a few simple items. Buy milk, get a (much needed) pedicure, finish that puzzle, the list goes on! #Todo offers you a very easy way to add on these tasks but with all the possibilities of customization you can imagine. 

We'll be honest, most to-do list apps are a dime a dozen in availability. There are a ton of free and paid ones out there that can manage your tasks of all sizes - but here's where #todo is different: #todo utilizes more than just pictures, timers, alarms, and more to manage your tasks. #todo lets you use hashtagging and Twitter-based functionality to help your better organize and understand your tasks, which is, in many ways, extremely helpful and extremely complicated. There is no real guide to explaining in full the process of hashtagging beyond what the app offers in tidbits of information. Instead, you pretty much experiment with it until it's exactly where you want it. We'll be honest, it's really cool! Being able to sort a bunch of different tasks by a similar hashtag instead of manually finding each one can do wonders to categorizing many little tasks. It's ingenious, clean, and even a bit fun.

On the other hand, it's complicated and frankly very unnecessary for most people. Either you're a really busy person that combines all their tasks per day, in the dozens, in one app, or you're someone who easily forgets things - those are the only real times you can really need hashtags. In most cases, unless you add a huge number of them, managing your tasks is quick, and rather painless. It's honestly at best a tool for the professional, not the casual user. It's very fun and has many options to customize, but there's a learning curve - often a big problem for those who want quick and easy apps for tracking tasks. Plus the UI layout can become very confusing with everything based on hashtags, so you better be sure to take some time to learn this app!

All in all, you can't deny that #todo is a fun, unique, and certainly productive app, it just takes some practice and may not be for the kind of person who can count their number of tasks with both hands. #todo is a universal app for all iOS devices running iOS 5.0 or later.

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  • dasha

    Modern world is full of apps for smart phones. I don't use a smart phone at all. But I do use task management tools which is just a necessity in the office. I use a great tool Comindware task manager which is unique in many respects, but it doesn't have a mobile app yet.