Toki Tori Now for iPhone


toki-tori-iphone-appI am the world’s biggest sucker for games with cute, colorful, rich graphics and I love an adorable character in a starring role as well. Toki Tori, originally for Gameboy and recently released as Wii Ware, is now available for the iPhone/iTouch thanks to Chillingo and it won me over before I even played it; making me want to adopt the adorable weeble-wobble-like chick for my very own.

Once I got over gushing at the cuteness though, I got down to the business of checking out what other sites are raving about and quite frankly, it was hard for me to put it down long enough to write about it.

Toki Tori is a progressive game where players navigate a little fat chick, presumably Toki Tori by name, through cleverly designed levels to collect eggs. While Toki Tori is a platform adventure game of sorts, it’s mostly a puzzle. The rules of the game more or less unfold as you progress from level to level. There are special abilities to be gained, such as bridge building and teleportation, that help you complete a level. Of course, there’s also bad guys attempting to thwart Toki Tori’s progress.

Toki Tori for iPhone is a multi-touch game controlled by selective tapping. Simply touch the screen where you want the chick to go, and if permissible, he moves there. His movement abilities are sometimes briefly baffling — he can fall off cliff edges and walk over a waterfall, but can’t hop up one little step onto a ledge. Nonetheless, the construction and design of each level is such that you have to figure out how to navigate it with limited resources and options.

From a game standpoint, Toki Tori offers excellent graphics, great sound, and responsive touch control. Once in a while users may experience a touch conflict navigating between zooming in and out on a level, which requires two fingers, and moving Toki Tori. Though helpful hints for playing are revealed gradually by completing levels, the first few levels are pretty simple to figure out. The further you progress, you encounter some completely mind-bending puzzlers. Yet, Toki Tori doesn’t frustrate and you can simply restart a level any time. There is also a wildcard function earned by completing levels that lets you skip a stumper and move on.

From a value standpoint, five bucks gets you a great game that combines longevity and entertainment equally. There are 80 levels in the iPhone version of Toki Tori, which can literally supply hours and hours of play. Interactive cut-scenes and dare I say it again, adorable graphics, make Toki Tori a definite winner. If you so choose, you can check out the limited version Toki Tori Lite for free and get a taste of the game, but trust me, you’re gonna want it all.

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