Toodledo: Quirky Name, Easy Way to Manage To-Dos

Toodledo - To Do List (AppStore Link)
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Toodledo - To Do List
Developer: Jake Olefsky, LLC
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

toodledo iphone appWhen I first heard of Tooledo, I hadn’t heard of the Web site and while I assumed it was some sort of organization application, I still admittedly thought the name was kind of “sing-song,” like a greeting Mrs. Doubtfire would shout out. Having used Toodledo I have discovered that, despite its quirky name, it is quite the productivity tool and a very handy iPhone/iPod touch app for anyone who appreciates task management assistance.

Toodledo is a task organization app that allows users to create and organize their “To Do” list from the palm of their hand. It includes features that let you organize and track your tasks by assigning priorities, due dates, creating folders, and more. Toodledo has a flexible design so users can arrange things in a way that works for them, whether by start date, due date, priority level, or category. The option to customize the display of the start page, assign “stars,” and make notes lets you make it as simple or complex as you like.

The added ability to synchronize with Toodledo’s website so you are always on top of things is a nice inclusion and the web interface is a seamless process. The Toodledo website requires you to create an account and then allows you to make use of sub tasks, import tasks from other devices or applications and then upload them to your iPhone. Toodledo is a pretty powerful task manager as a stand-alone app, but for those who are intimately familiar with and partial to Outlook, Toodledo makes a third-party application available that will allow you to sync with Outlook.

Toodledo is by no means the ultimate in organization apps as it is designed for managing to-do list tasks only. That said, those who are motivated by organization and need a check list to get things done will find Toodledo is very versatile and not a one-size-fits-all design, but rather a very flexible portable planner.

Being somewhat organizationally challenged, I appreciate technology that is easy to use and functional at the same time. I can think of several ways Toodledo could be used to manage tasks — from projects around the house to projects at work to school assignments for students. At $3.99, Toodledo costs less than a basic planner and is far easier to organize and view, which makes it a pretty good value. Coupled with the ability to smoothly interface with the web, complete documentation, and its streamlined interface, Toodledo comes off as very well designed and useful application.

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