Tooth Monster HD Shows Kids What Happens When Plaque Attacks

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Tooth Monster HD pro
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Tooth Monster HDNever underestimate the power of good oral hygiene. That’s the message being delivered to young kids with Tooth Monster HD, the interactive storybook about two kids fighting to save mouthworld from turning into Plaque Kingdom. It may sound a little cheesy to the adult ear, but Tooth Monster HD sends a positive message promoting good brushing habits to young children. With a story, mini games and songs, Tooth Monster HD engages kids in a lesson about what happens when plaque attacks.

Tooth Monster HD has nice animation and age-appropriate mini games that focus on something every parent needs to reinforce. The included story book “The Cavity Fighters & The Plaque Kingdom” is an adventure story featuring Jini and Bini who set out to fight the space invading Plaque Monsters that are trying to take over White Smile Kingdom and turn it into a blackened Plaque Kingdom one rotten tooth at a time. Their secret weapon? Proper brushing of course.

Though the story does a good job of illustrating why it’s important to remember to brush regularly, Tooth Monster HD also features mini games that emphasize proper brushing techniques. Kids can choose from Teeth Brushing, Hide-and-Seek and The Plaque War, all of which are interactive games that explain what plaque is, what it does to teeth and how to keep teeth and gums healthy.

In addition to the storybook and mini games, there is also a record mode so mom or dad can record themselves reading the story and a song mode that features a quirky little tune about brushing and an opposing “scary” song about how the plaque monsters don’t approve of brushing. The song comes off kind of goofy at first, but it’s actually accompanied by a rather catchy tune – one that if kids learn to sing it while brushing will cause them to appoint the proper amount of time to the task. One thing worth noting is that Tooth Monster HD does a good job of explaining oral hygiene and shows kids what plaque really is – bacteria poop. Though it’s a rather distasteful thought, it’s an accurate depiction and it’s done in a very kid-friendly way.

Tooth Monster HD is available only for iPad in both pro and lite versions, with pro being the full version and lite being just a teaser. The only components of the app available in the lite version are the Brushing Teeth mini game and the song mode – the rest is just a sample. Since it’s sometimes hard to tell what will or won’t interest kids, the free version is a good way to test interest, but doesn’t deliver the same value as the full version.

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