Tap Tap Revenge is Still Top Top with those Who Shop the App Store

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

tap tap revenge iphone appTapulous's Tap Tap Revenge has been on a winning streak from the day it was introduced, which seems like ages ago (it's been 10 months). According to a new report from comScore, a market research firm, Tapulous's immensely popular music game has the largest installed base among applications downloaded from the Apple App Store. Thirty-four percent App Store shoppers have installed Tap Tap Revenge as of the end of February 2009, comScore says.

comScore's review of the top 25 most heavily penetrated apps illustrates the importance of gaming to on the iPod touch and the iPhone. Twelve out of the 25 most popular mobile apps are games, which includes classics such as Hangman and Pac-man, and more non-conventional titles such as Cube Runner and Crazy Penguin Catapult. Among non-gaming applications, Stylem Media's Backgrounds applications had the highest installed base, followed closely by the top social networking applications, Facebook and MySpace Mobile.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • JKT

    Why? I cannot figure out why this game is so popular. I tried it a few times and got nothing out of it. Sure, I finished the songs, and even got halfway decent scores. But I had no desire to ever go back. I think the problem is that it's natural (fair or not) to compare it to Guitar Hero, and TT:R has no chance of competing with the physical, tactile feel of holding a "guitar" in your hands. Every second I was playing TT:R I wanted to be playing Guitar Hero instead, so I guess I had no chance of ever liking it. (And I'm not even a big Guitar Hero fan--I've only played it a dozen times. It's just that you know what's good and what isn't, and to me TT:R just isn't.)