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Top Utility SMS for iPhoneIf you’re convinced text messaging is the best way to communicate with friends, family, and even co-workers, then having a utility app that manages your messages may be useful. SMS management is the purpose behind Top Utility SMS for iPhone, a messaging app that incorporates groups, favorites, and GPS location into the iPhone’s messaging capabilities.

Features of Top Utility SMS include a character counter when composing messages, creation of custom message models, SMS location notification, and group management of multiple contacts. Essentially, you can send an SMS message that gives up your current GPS location, send a “form” response or message to multiple contacts or members of a created group, and view a character count of messages as you compose them.

Top Utility SMS includes all the features it purports to have, but it presents them in a slightly awkward and non-friendly way for the end user. It’s a nice idea to create messaging groups that can be contacted quickly and simultaneously, but managing the groups isn’t as simple as you would hope. While the actual creation of the group is somewhat simple, it isn’t obvious at first and must be done after composing a message rather than presenting the user with a separate group management function. The only separate and ever-present tab is the “models” feature, which allows you to create pre-composed messages and save them for quick access.

While the premise is not without merit, Top Utility SMS isn’t as user friendly as it should be. Text messaging is supposed to be quick and easy and while it’s true that you could manage simultaneous multiple contacts with this app, the lack of a main menu for choosing a group prior to composing a message adds a hassled feeling to the task.

At the current sale price of $0.99, Top Utility SMS provides some benefit for certain situations. It does alert you before sending messages to make sure you have the correct recipients and does provide a way to create messaging groups, which could come in handy for some users, but the current version is just a tad too sloppy to warrant paying any more than the sale price. Though some users may find it valuable, there could very well be similar apps to help you accomplish the same thing, but with a cleaner, more streamlined feel.

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  • Mike L.

    Group Text! does this and a lot more. It's 2.99 but worth it!

  • adrian

    group text easy to manage and a lot's only 0.99 mike!

  • eslienna

    Some of these features would definitely be useful to me. I've needed groups for texting so many times! Especially when people respond to a message. On my phone there's no way to "Reply All." This would help with that. Right?

  • SenseiPhone

    Getting confused at the first time using it... But very helpful app once you already familiar with it!