ngmoco:) Topple 2 Is Twice the Fun

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topple 2 iphoneIf past is prologue, as they say, then ngmoco:)'s new Topple 2 is certain to be a smash hit. The first Topple hit 3 million downloads and has been on top-game and best-seller lists everywhere.

Topple 1 and 2 are Tetris-like games in which the objective is to stack a variety of shapes by sliding and rotating them so they balance. Build the stack as high as you can and cross the goal line using touch and tilt controls. You score points and win awards for fast times and tall stacks.

Topple 2 adds a several new elements to the game: more polished graphics, 30 levels, six new worlds to conquer and live, head-to-head play and more engaging music.

The new game modes include a watery upside-down world (add blocks to the bottom of the stack); balancer (weigh stacks of blocks on both sides of a scale); power tower (build a power line using blocks that conduct energy) and rescue (save a golden egg from cracking).

Rescue is particularly tricky: First, stack the blocks high enough to reach the goal line. Topple 2 plops a gold egg on the top of the stack and then you must start removing blocks to gently lower the egg to the bottom of the stack, without cracking the precious egg, of course.

One of the more dramatic new features of Topple 2 is the ability to play "stack attack," a head-to-head competition against a friend on the same Wi-Fi network. As with Topple 1, you can email challenges to friends or respond to challenges to see who can build the highest stack of blocks.

If you're any good at Topple 2, once you complete each mode (actually an island), you'll unlock the game's replay feature so you can go back and free play all the island's levels.

Tap the More block on the launch screen to see your list of your achievements such as number of goals you complete and the points you tally. Attempting to check off all the achievements on the list will keep you motivated, that's for sure.

Last, you can adjust volume sliders for music and sound effects on the same screen. With Topple 2 you also have the option to reset your scores, level progress and achievements.

Topple 2 has an introductory price of $2.99 (the company doesn't say how long it will last). Topple 1 is now free.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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