Topple is Tetris with Way More Personality

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

topple iphone appNgmoco brings Topple to the iPhone with an updated and wildly modern new look. The recently released Topple is a throw back to the 1980's video game "Tetris" and even older board game of the same name. Before the game even begins, you'll notice the rich and vivid colors of the objects. As the classic mix of pieces begin to descend towards the stand you'll notice they're a bit expressive. They smile, frown, and grimace as they land on the stand. Even the stand itself is wide-eyed and curious as it tips and sways.

Playing Topple is pretty straightforward. The game includes a quick and easy-to-understand tutorial for new users. As the objects fall, you may touch and turn them by grabbing the pieces with two fingers. Tilt the device to keep the objects from falling off of the wobbly stand. Players score points by how high and quick they can stack the objects. With Topple there is a goal line and a bonus line on each level. It has nine levels that each vary in difficulty. The only thing Topple might be missing is a two player "in game" challenge component. A few extra levels for the serious players wouldn't hurt either. If you want to show off your high score, you can email it to friends and challenge them to beat it. The game seems fairly stable. Of the 10 times we started this game it only crashed once.

Topple will woo fans both young and old. The app stays true to the classic elements of Tetris and the topple board game but brings you even more perplexing puzzles. Topple is the perfect game for everyday play. It could be especially handy this holiday season for travelers waiting in long lines at airports across the country.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • ChelseeW

    I used to play this game as a kid! It's amazing someone would even remember this one. (happy memories take over)

  • MaxxineStamos

    dis work fer the first iphone?

  • Futureminded

    I don't know Maxxine. Thats a good question. Anyone?

    All I know is this game was brain-numbing. But I'm into more first person shooters so if this is your cup of tea, I guess it was pretty amusing if you want to turn off your thought process for a bit

    1 thumb up