TopVideo Sounds Good, but Misses The Point


topvideo iphone appTopVideo by Akinwale Ariwodola is a an application that aims to provide the user with the most popular videos from sites like YouTube and more.

However, TopVideo doesn't truly provide videos, plural. It offers one video in each of five categories: New, This Hour, Today, This Week, This Month. I certainly expected to be offered even the top five or ten for each one of those categories. In particular since, on a day like today, the most popular video for New, This Hour and Today were all the same.

Once the user selects the category they'd like to view, tapping load brings up the current most popular, its location and number of hits. However, tapping all over my iPod screen mercilessly without any response drew me to the surprising conclusion that while TopVideo says what the video is and shows a screen shot, it does not play the video nor connect to the site that hosts it.

TopVideo is as efficient and technologically advanced as receiving a fax announcing which online videos are popular. As a free app TopVideo would still be less than worthwhile, but to pay $1.99 sinks TopVideo furthur to the bottom.

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