Thar Be Tapping in Tortooga, The Pirate-Themed Frantic Finger Game for iOS

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Developer: Gaetano Salvatore Emanuele Messina
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TortoogaYarrr – Avast and Ahoy and all that pirate speak – a new tapping game with a pirate theme to challenge your coordination and quick thinking has arrived. Tortooga is a simple to play game that challenges players to quickly tap sets of squares, matching good ones and avoiding bad ones, as you adventure across the high seas in an effort to rack up points in the form of doubloons. Are your fingers as quick as the eye? Take the Tortooga challenge and find out.

Tortooga is a split screen tapping game with two grids, pirates, parrots and more. Pictures display in the top one momentarily and players have so long to tap the corresponding square in their bottom grid. Do it fast enough, and you can rack up gold and silver doubloons and health, but tap the wrong square and you might find yourself under cannon fire. The levels get progressively harder and faster and different challenges arise, making no two levels identical. 

The pirate-themed story line of Tortooga is pretty standard Jolly Roger fare – pirates stole a treasure and players are charged with rounding it up. The fast-tapping action is enhanced by other abilities, such as swiping rows or columns of connecting squares rather than individual tapping and the challenge to be both quick and coordinated makes Tortooga a fast-paced game. The graphics and supporting sound effects and user-interface are all solid, if nothing extraordinary and the introduction of different elements to keep the game interesting (like bubbles that block your squares) are a nice addition. To keep the game going, it takes a combination of tapping frenzy and a kind of simon says super skill, but it’s all in good pirating fun.

Tortooga is supported by Game Center and has Facebook integration so players can challenge friends and share pirate quotes. While the game appears to be primarily aimed at kids, adults can get in on the fun as well and the learning curve is low, with the first few levels being thoroughly tutorial based. The replay value isn’t high, but isn’t non-existent if you’ve got a competitive nature because you can compete against the high scores from the GameCenter leader boards.

A family-friendly game for sure, Tortooga is a quick-to-play, moderately challenging game with a great pirate theme. So don’t be lily-livered me hearty, give Tortooga a try and see how much treasure you can loot.

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  • Bruto

    Really nice!

  • Jimmythepage

    funny app, luv it!