Touch & Go! Lends a New Touch to Classic Match-Three Games


touch and go iphone appAs far as match-three, compounding block games go, The Game Creators, developers of Touch & Go!, seem to have gotten a "feel" for the genre. Sure, Touch & Go! is a game based on a redundant concept, but there is nothing redundant about the interface, which is ultimately what enables this app to lend an air of creativity and uniqueness to the plethora of match-three genre games for iPhone.

Touch & Go! features multiple levels of falling blocks that you must match up in sets of three or more to clear the level and build your score. What is uniquely different about Touch & Go! are the controls. You can literally control the block placement by catching, flinging, and rearranging them to your liking.

Intelligently utilizing the touch and tilt controls of the iPhone, falling blocks can be touched to hold, then slid anywhere on screen before releasing. Even after blocks have dropped they can be moved around to suit your needs. When three or more blocks of the same color touch, they disappear. Each level of Touch & Go! requires a pre-set number of matches to clear the level and points are earned based on how few blocks are left when the level is cleared.

As you advance through the levels, the blocks will fall faster and obstacles also begin to appear. Bonus items that simulate power ups are randomly earned for matching up four or more blocks and include time freeze, stick of dynamite and a bomb. The power ups are released and when tapped will elicit certain actions, such as blowing up all blocks on screen.

While it may seem that a match-three game with the ability to completely manipulate the objects is too simple, there are other challenges that stem from Touch & Go! game play and the more advanced levels are surprisingly challenging to clear. It can be particularly challenging to get a sequence of four or more to simultaneously touch as well.

Overall, Touch & Go! is well designed and responsive. For a new take on the standard match and clear block game, the current sale price of just $.99 makes Touch & Go! a worthwhile purchase.

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