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TouchSports™ Tennis
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touchsports tennis 09 iphoneIf you’d like a to get in a quick set of tennis and wish to do it without all the sweating and running around the court, then the TouchSports Tennis '09 iPhone app by Handheld Games Corp may be the just lack of exercise you crave.

Tennis 09 pits you against the CPU for rounds of tennis in either quick play or tournament play. Some of the features listed are a choice of playing US, France or UK courts, improved easy mode and six different players (three males-three Females).

One thing I enjoyed about TouchSports Tennis '09 is that it is very intuitive, you can pretty much play it immediately without first reading the instructions. Tap the screen twice to serve. Tap the screen to move my player into position for the return. After I had a couple of games under my belt, I read the instructions to learn some finer points and tips.

The instructions in TouchSports Tennis '09 provided a few additional tips for moving the players, serving and returning shots and game options.

There are three levels of play available in both modes (quick play or tournament), easy, medium, or hard. Handheld Games Corp. lists Improved EASY mode as one of their features. I’m not sure what the previous easy mode was like but I found the current version to be really easy.

While playing the easy mode you are prompted by an icon of where to tap the screen to set up your player for your return shot. When playing in the medium mode you are not prompted where to tap. When you tap the screen a shadow appears indicating where you’ve sent your player to receive the shot. Utilizing the hard setting you’ll have no visible indication of where you have tapped.

The graphics, play and sound all serve Tennis '09 well. The only issues and  I have with the game is that it takes a little too long to load and I found the easy setting to be too easy.

Overall, I enjoy Tennis '09.  Regardless of which mode you play or settings you use, TouchSports Tennis '09 is an excellent way to sneak in a set of tennis without breaking a sweat.

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