Trailers Lite - think "Portable Front Row"


Trailers Lite is like a miniature version of the popular Mac application Front Row.

Since your iPhone doesn’t come equipped with the same multimedia features of your Mac, sometimes you just have to get creative.

Trailers Lite does this really well by basically acting like the trailer-movie-watching part of Front Row.  It works great when you are thinking of seeing a movie with your friends, and you need to explain the preview to someone.  Just showing someone something can reach across language barriers or concept misunderstanding friends.

Instead of saying, “Oh you have to see the Batman movie” and describing every impressive explosion and maching gun “rat ta-tat” with your voicebox, with Trailers Lite you can just break out your iPhone, touch Trailers Lite and presto!  You have your movie.

Nice movie layout, if you change the iPhone’s orientation the layout changes to a cool multi-pick view.

Trailers Lite’s only drawback is that it supposedly does not work over the EDGE network.

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  • Fred Krueger

    Why would I get this and not just use the "Movies" App by Flikster, which includes trailers for all new releases?

  • Juraj

    This application does not seem to be present in the US App Store