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Developer: Kenneth Karakotsios
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trancit iphone appIf getting into the “zone” is your aim Trancit just might be the perfect solution. Developed by Ken Karakotsios, Trancit is a “trippy” visualization app that produces swirls and bubbles and other shapes using complex mathematical processes. When you start Trancit you’re immediately treated to a spectacular, color-filled frenetic visualization that creeps all over the screen. Turn on your music and you could get lost for hours.

There are six uniquely different visualizations that pulsate and dance to relax or excite you: Mandala, Crystal Math, Vortcy, Tie Dye and Hot Frost. Watch the screen and you’ll notice that not only do they all have different shapes but there is a full range of color palettes and they are all animated.

There are buttons at the bottom of Trancit that allow the user to change the animation of the visualizer. You can speed it up, slow it down or pause its movement completely. Choose the screen edges as the boundary or make it wrap around. If you’re looking for Trancit to do something more than just move and change into a bunch of trippy colors you may be let down. Trancit’s website lists it as the “perfect companion for listening to music.”

If that is its purpose, its major flaw is that it doesn’t interact with the music like the visualizer in iTunes. The artwork also feels a little basic considering how complex the developer makes the movement within the app sound. Furthermore, most users would probably find their iPhone screen too small to completely enjoy the full benefit of Trancit. Most would rather watch these psychedelic colors dance in the dark via a computer monitor or television. The user controls also feel a limited. Ambient sounds might be a nice addition to a future version.

Trancit, won’t break the bank — it’s fairly inexpensive at just 99 cents. This makes it perfect for its assumed target audience of high school and college students.

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  • ScrtSrvce911

    This is the most trippy app to date. Someone was on acid when they thought up this one

  • JoshPratt79

    Has anyone seen this on a commercial? I could swear I have before

  • DominoFect

    Does anyone know if they're going to come out with a new version that moves to music????

  • jeremy

    pretty cool app. a little slow/boring at times. If ya'll are into that, you MUST get "spawn illumintati"