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TravelVegas - Las Vegas Deals (AppStore Link)
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TravelVegas - Las Vegas Deals
Developer: Brendon Schenecker
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TravelVegasWith summer fast approaching vacations are in the forefront of every traveler’s mind. Fortunately, travel apps abound in the App Store to make discovering new places and planning trips a breeze. For the Vegas bound, TravelVegas is an independent travel app that highlights the best of Vegas and gives travelers easy access to deals and steals in Sin City as well as provides a mini-travel guide with tips and tricks.

TravelVegas is concise and easy to navigate. With finger-tip access to hotel, dining, attractions and transportation, as well as a variety of deals, the TravelVegas app is thorough, yet user-friendly. It includes a searchable database of hotels, casinos, attractions and more as well as provides a categorized view of everything included. Restaurants, casinos and attractions can be quickly located on a map and contact information is readily available – making TravelVegas a handy app to have while in Vegas or when planning a trip to the strip.

TravelVegas deals include BOGO offers at local eateries, discount show tickets and more. The deals can be filtered by location or in their entirety. Other categories, like dining and hotels can also be sorted by location as well as ratings and cost. The in-app browser gives quick access to reservations, booking and ticket purchases. Brief reviews and descriptions of restaurants and attractions give information to aid users in selecting a destination.

In addition to the easy to use guide to Vegas eateries, hotels, shows and attractions, a mini-travel guide is also included that features bits of information about staying in Vegas that range from Must See Attractions to Taxi Tips and free things to see and do. The guides are brief enough to be digestible, but contain enough useful information to make planning easy. Whether you’re a family traveler or solo, TravelVegas does a decent job of providing and organizing information you can use and includes ideas for shows, attractions and sights in and around Vegas that appeal to all travelers.

TravelVegas is free to download and use. For quick access to Vegas nightlife, tours, dining, transportation and even airfare information, TravelVegas is as good as any free travel guide. Granted there’s no guarantee of information accuracy, but a thorough look through the available information leads you to believe that it has been developed by people who know Vegas and know it well – making it a good choice if you need a concise, consolidated go-to resource for your next Vegas trip.

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