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TraxItAll – A Goal Setting, Motivational, Habits Building, and All-in-One Daily Log / Tracking System (AppStore Link)
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TraxItAll – A Goal Setting, Motivational, Habits Building, and All-in-One Daily Log / Tracking System
Developer: David Canfield
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Traxitall for iPhone - goal trackerIf your latest New Year resolution(s) are already out of sight and out of mind, then maybe it’s time for an iPhone app that helps with goal setting and accountability. TraxItAll is designed to be just such an app and features a way to record and track daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. With pre-set and customizable categories to help keep goals organized, TraxItAll users can potentially track a variety of things including simple “to-do” items as well as keep track of bigger goals.

The primary advantage of TraxItAll over traditional “to-do” type apps is the ability to not only organize tasks and goals, but to hold yourself accountable and see how well (or not) you’ve done with achieving said goals or completing said tasks. For TraxItAll to really be useful, it takes a bit of set-up and some time to become familiar with the overall interface. It’s not the easiest or most user-friendly interface, but it is relatively customizable in terms of organizing goals, setting time lines, and checking them off as accomplished.

The apparent psychology behind an app like TraxItAll is to hold yourself accountable for the things you want to achieve. It isn’t designed to be a simple daily “to-do” list, but rather a more complex and time intensive tracking system. The general working concept is to designate a single goal and then identify steps that can be taken to achieve that goal. For instance, you decide you want to be overall healthier in 2012. The next step would be to identify the things you want to do to achieve that goal. Maybe it’s to take a multi-vitamin every day, hit the gym four times a week and limit your alcohol intake to twice a month. Whatever the goal and timeline, TraxItAll lets users input the data and then track your sticktoitiveness. Report graphs can be generated to give an overall perspective and those reports can be shared via email with others if desired.

If TraxItAll sounds complicated, it really isn’t in the long run. It does take some time to navigate and understanding the logical sequence of data input only works if you have an understanding of its intended along with the desire to put it to use in the first place. Tracking simple goals in pursuit of a larger one is actually quite do-able with TraxItAll and because it has customizable input and tracking options, it works for a variety of areas. The ability to record simple notes is also available, though this option, like several others isn’t obvious at first (or even second) glance. There are some onscreen tutorials initially and the information button further expands on some of the features, but it will take some persistent intuitiveness from the user to take full advantage of the app.

From health tasks like tracking daily medication or recording blood pressure to basic improvements in habits like walking the dog or cutting back on caffeine, TraxItAll has the ability to help users formulate, organize and track any goal. For persistent individuals who do well with a personal accountability system (or people who loved chore charts with gold stars as a kid), TraxItAll is a decent choice for an all-in-one short and long-term goal and task organizer.

TraxItAll Video Demo

Here is an overview of how to use the TraxitAll app for personal goal setting and accountability.

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  • joe ravn

    Pretty similar to the app Commit, just not as clean of a UI.