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Trip Cubby • Mileage Log for Tax Deduction or Reimbursement (AppStore Link)
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Trip Cubby • Mileage Log for Tax Deduction or Reimbursement
Developer: Contrast Apps LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

trip cubby for iPhoneTrip Cubby may have nothing to do with animals but it is a bear of an application. It’s a fully functional utility application that allows users to track their billable mileage for deductions and expenses.

Here’s how it works. When you start Trip Cubby, you can see your trip list. Next, start a new trip or tap your way onto a frequent trip list. Here you can enter the purpose, destination, trip tags and odometer reading. You can also organize your trips by date, driver, and vehicles omitting information that you don’t use. Trip Cubby lets you change your view to see your trips by paid or unpaid trips.

The application uses preset IRS standard deduction rates for mileage but is completely adjustable. Trip Cubby is detailed but pretty intuitive.

Business users will be pleased that it organizes the data from trips in such a sophisticated manner. It's full of features which we assume is really satisfying if you’re this gung ho about tracking your mileage. Trip Cubby even allows users to email a CSV file with mileage details fully viewable in Excel.

The application appears to be technically sound. It didn’t crash on any of the 10 occasions we opened it to fill in mock data.

One potentially negative point for the consumer could be the price tag. At $9.99 Trip Cubby feels a little overpriced. Consumers may be hesitant to spend ten bucks for the application when there are cheaper options. For instance, users can easily enter mileage into an MS office application like an Excel spreadsheet.

David Barnard, founder of App Cubby, insists that it is a fair price because it’s a “polished app that saves people time and money.” Increasingly, developers have reduced the price of their applications or offer them for free in the App Store. The result has been increased visibility and downloads of their products. Barnard believes this kind of practice negatively conditions consumers to expect apps that are 99 cents or free. And, that ultimately, it does more harm than good. “It’s not the kind of money that builds a sustainable software company.” says Barnard

He also thinks that as big corporations go with the lower price models it may diminish the quality of applications available to consumers. “Lots of developers are looking for the next big gimmick, not the next great application.”

Don’t break out the box of tissues for Barnard and the App Cubby team yet. Trip Cubby hasn’t performed poorly. In fact, it sold 928 copies of the application in its first four weeks. Barnard sees a positive future over at the App Cubby. He says their second application Cash Cubby is out soon and they have lots of ideas about how to grow their business.

In the mean time, road warriors, we suggest you jump on the Trip Cubby bandwagon because it’s all about the details.


* Editor's Note: Parts of this review reflect information taken from an interview with The Application Cubby founder David Barnard. Read the entire interview here.

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  • ChelseeW

    What a great idea. I'll use it like I won it lol. Does that make sense? Anyway, thanks for coming out with this. Anything that saves me money is A-OK by me

  • Dr. B

    "Trip Cubby may have nothing to do with animals but it is a bear of an application."

  • A. Freeman

    Recently I bought Miles Log for the iPhone. Totally different - and very nice.
    For those who are interested: