Tris - Like Tetris but without having to blow in the cartridge


With housing prices falling, employment in a lull and food prices making even the wealthy Warren Buffet eat his own food at Dairy Queen, we can’t find a better reason to fill your day aimlessly wandering the streets and playing Tris.

Tris may be the first touch-screen version of the classic “fit the doo-hicker in the whammie-jammie” puzzle game.

The controls seem pretty good. I am horrible at Tetris and I am no better with Tris, but I didn’t often miss-touch. It works pretty much how you would imagine; tap the screen to change the piece's configuration and drag the screen to control left-to-right and descent speed. 

With the screen being a bit smaller than my old TV, Tris does leave a person with less time to daydream about important things in life (aka food, shelter, love), before the piece hits the bottom.

The best part about Tris is the fact that the competition is serious and that competition is only growing "serious-er" everytime another big company goes under.  The only thing working against Tris is the good ol' USA bailing out corporate giants.  

Notable: You can compare scores globally via the internets.

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