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Trivial Pursuit
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trivial pursuit iphone appTrivial Pursuit - I have always felt lucky if I won at any trivia game.  Since my friends and I are not big trivia buffs, it feels like we could play Trivial Pursuit for hours until one of us finally wins. We just keep rolling, asking questions, missing questions, and rolling again.  Trivial Pursuit for the iPhone puts me one step closer to winning.

If you breeze through the Trivial Pursuit board game, you will find this iPhone app from Electronic Arts easy – maybe even too easy. For people like me, that’s great.

For a virtual board game experience, you can play Trivial Pursuit in Classic Mode, alone or via Pass ‘N Play with friends. In Classic Mode, Trivial Pursuit looks just like the board game and you earn pie pieces as you play. When you choose Pass ‘N Play, you pass the phone around from friend to friend as each person’s turn arises. If you have played the board game, Trivial Pursuit for the iPhone is intuitive to use and requires no instructions in Classic Mode.

If you are playing solo, I recommend Pursuit Mode where you can compete with yourself on a different board with multiple levels. In the absence of friends and in the presence of Wi-Fi, you can also play Trivial Pursuit with others online via the Wi-Fi Multiplayer Mode. I tried to play online but no one else was there.  Sigh.

When you play Trivial Pursuit on the iPhone, each player can choose a cute cartoonish mascot, such as a pirate, robot or girlie girl.

One of my favorite parts of the Trivial Pursuit app is the player statistics. I always bragged that I performed best in the Science and Nature category, and now I have the data to prove it. Though I do not play any sports, I do well in this Trivial Pursuit category, too; somehow I know weird things like a death spiral is an ice skating move and that Yogi Berra’s first name was Lawrence.  I avoid the other categories as much as possible, especially Geography where the statistics tell me I have a 0% success rate.

Some iTunes user reviews complain of crashing but I didn't experience any problems. You can also save a game when you quit.

I’m glad I found a trivia game for the iPhone that I like. With tons of questions (and hopefully new ones with updates), Trivial Pursuit can keep you busy, alone or with others, for hours.

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