TuneIn Radio for iPhone Makes the A-List

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TuneIn Radio Pro
Developer: TuneIn
Price: $9.99 Download on the App Store

With so many radio apps to choose from, how can you pick just one? Well in short you probably can’t, but depending on how and what you want to listen to TuneIn Radio may be ideal. Similar to SparkRadio and comparatively priced, TuneIn Radio features many (not all) stations from around the world. Listeners can browse stations by location, music genre, or show. Though you won’t get anything revolutionary, TuneIn Radio does feature a very smooth design, easy navigation, and in my experience so far, more than acceptable stream time.

One of the more interesting features of TuneIn Radio over some similar competitors is the ability to record, fast forward and rewind. Granted, live radio can only be recorded and rewound, but recorded shows can be fast forwarded. While I was flummoxed at the need to treat radio like television, I can absolutely see the purpose. Load up Clark Howard’s latest show and fast forward through commercials. (Another blow to local radio advertisers for certain, but avid listeners probably don’t care.) Recording and rewinding live radio may even have its purpose as well.

Ti-Vo-like capability aside, TuneIn Radio features stations from across the globe. Granted, most are mainstream and a few communication companies are excluded (including Clear Channel). Underground and indie artists aren’t quite as well represented in the genre list as some users might like, but all in all, the standard expectations are present.

Of course, TuneIn Radio features multi-tasking Internet browsing – a welcome, even if expected feature. TuneIn Radio is sleek and user-friendly and is as comprehensive as any competitor app. Some users may need a combination of music and radio apps to suit all their listening needs, but TuneIn Radio is a great place to start. It loads quickly, has simple interface and isn’t disrupted by speaker docking. Though some radio apps are six-of-one, half-dozen-of-the-other in terms of value, TuneIn Radio definitely makes the A-list of solid, stable radio apps.

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    RT @'MarketMeTweet' AppCraver TuneIn Radio for iPhone Makes the A-List http://is.gd/iVu4k

  • http://www.ideaapps2cash.com IdeaApps

    This is a great app with great technology behind it.

  • Justin

    I have used this app for about 6 months now. I rely on it every day to wake me up. I am able to listen to my favorite radio show in Rochester NY (The Brother Wease show) while living in Charlotte, NC. The station that this show was on was not one of the listed stations, but customer service was very helpful in guiding me how to add a web address as a stream. Thank you Tune In.

    P.S. Love the new icon too.

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