TurkeyHunt: Free Target Practice for All Ages

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

TurkeyHunt iPhone gameWith Thanksgiving just around the corner iPhone users might find more Turkey than they can tap a finger at. TurkeyHunt is a seasonal game that just landed in the App Store. It's a race against time to kill the turkeys on the screen to make it to the next level. You'll have to be quick and precise because with each level, the speed and the number of turkeys increase.

TurkeyHunt does a few things well. It has very beautiful backgrounds and gamers both young and mature can easily play it. Don’t worry about your reading glasses either. TurkeyHunt allows you to increase or decrease the size of the turkeys. If competition is what gets you going, you may compete against users from around the world. And none of it will cost you a thing. TurkeyHunt is free.

TurkeyHunt does need a little bit of work. The Turkeys are very fake looking and don't blend very well with the splendid colorful backgrounds you see each time you advance to a new level. 

The app offers the option to turn the sound effects on or off. However, I never heard any sound effects even after downloading the app a couple of times. What’s a TurkeyHunt if there is no Gobble or squawking of any kind?

TurkeyHunt may be free but it’s also ad supported. This means on every page you’re greeted with the banner advertisement for one of Jirbo’s other games, a search engine or something that will drag you to the mall like the GAP. Tap on the ad even accidentally and you’ll be whisked away to the home page of the item and your game lost on the high plains of turkey hunting.

If you’re brave enough or bored enough to play for more than 10 minutes, you’ll notice when you save your score you have a couple of options. You can sync your scores and check out the worldwide scoreboard. Keep your spam email handy because in order to save your high score to the world scoreboard you’ll need to register.

TurkeyHunt might not be “The Ultimate Turkey Adventure,” but a few cheap thrills never hurt anyone. Keep that battery charged and the rubber case ready. Black Friday’s here and you’ll need something to keep your youngsters entertained as you shop. TurkeyHunt to the rescue!

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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