What Could Be Better Than A Slumdog Millionaire? How About a TV Show King?

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TV Show King
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TV Show King - Trivia games are so enticing because it just feels stunningly sweet to be right, to win, to have shown one's intellectual superiority over all other participants. Belittling the brains of a geek at a bar: brilliant. Pulverizing party guests: priceless. Gameloft has accentuated that thrill with mobility and a game who promises to crown me king to celebrate my victory with TV Show King. It couldn't have come soon enough.

TV Show King impressed me from its opening, with vibrant, fairly intricate graphics. Even our chiseled, handsome host Jerry and beautiful blond assistant, Donna introduce the players and the rules with the animation pretty well synced up to their audio. The user designs a simple, cool (aviator shades are an option!), avatar to represent herself as a contestant on the show.

In TV Show King there are four players, the user against three CPU characters, unless online multi-player is engaged. The number of seven-question rounds can be adapted from three to either six or nine. As well, categories can be removed or added, including general knowledge, entertainment, history and geography, science and nature, scholar and sports. An easy, normal and hard designation for the game can amplify the difficulty. Play is simple, the goal in TV Show King is to win as much cash as possible, by answering, tapping your selection, as quickly as possible. The player can change an answer multiple times, if its apparent that you're barking up the wrong tree once the other contestents' answers are shown, however speed and cash are then sacrificed. When the players answer correctly, they tend to break out in little dorky dances, and a beam of light showers them with cash.

A wildcard element of game-play is giving the wheel a spin at the end of each round, which the player can opt to give a shot or refuse. A drag across the screen spins the wheel filled with a plethora of positive and negative outcomes including giving money to and taking money from other players, doubling your cash, losing your all cash, and more. A good spin is another occasion for a joyful avatar dance. Special event questions appear during the rounds which observe normal game-play but are worth five hundred to five thousand dollars.

Over the course of TV Show King, in addition to the pitfalls that one can suffer from a bad spin or losing a special event question, the third round seems to go into overdrive. The questions get really tough and obscure, even though I played on the normal level. After repeated plays I only made it to the bonus round a handful of times, and admittedly, once was with assistance from an onlooking friend. In the final round, the top two players with the most cash are chosen to play. Whomever answers five multiple choice questions correctly first wins. If both players offer the same answer, the point is awarded to the faster one. I did taste victory once out of the many, many games I played. Alas, only once though.

The only flaw that becomes apparent after enjoying TV Show King so many times is that the questions recycle fairly quickly. And even the pettiest of trivia monger, like myself, doesn't want to cheat and get a question correct only because they'd seen it a few games back. However a lot of variety is offered to change up game-play and overcome the minor annoyance of familiar questions. TV Show King really seems to have set out to impress and comes out with a great achievement.

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