Provides Streaming Video and Personalized Clips for Fans of CBS and The CW (AppStore Link)
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Developer: CBS Mobile
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iphone tv showsCBS Interactive's provides iPhone and iPod touch users CBS and The CW TV shows and video clips, delivered free via Wi-Fi, 3G and EDGE.

Read the  App Store description and you'll find out that you can browse through a "vast list" of featured shows or view them by channel; catch full episodes of some CBS and The CW shows; and create a list of favorite shows, channels and topics.

While the app does offer some full episodes such as CSI, MacGyver, Beverly Hills 90210 and a few others, each episode is sliced into six clips. That makes viewing a bit tedious, but at least it works. Unfortunately, the app does not provide as many full episodes as you might hope. Most of what you'll find here are short clips, about 1 to 4 minutes long, from CBS news and sports and YouTube videos.

There are quite a few trailers touting TV shows, how-tos and infomercials about cooking, cars, video games and other topics under the channel listings. If you're a science and technology buff, you'll probably like the many news briefs and how-to clips from CNET, which typically range from 2 to 4 minutes.

To play a video, tap any of the thumbnails listed in and you'll go to a screen where you'll find details about the video, and a play button. Next to each video thumbnail is an icon that will add video clips to your list of favorites when you tap it.

Navigating is easy and you have a variety of ways to get around. At the top of each screen lives a search bar so you can readily find whatever you're looking for. Across the screen's bottom menu are icons for Shows, Channels, Feeds and More. A feed in this app is a custom list of favorite shows. Tapping the More icon takes you to a list of sports, news, music, TV shows and science and technology categories.

My impression is that is a good start. In the plus column, the interface is streamlined, and as I said, is easy to navigate. I thought the audio and video quality were good too, given the platform. On the negative side, the number of full episodes is small and there are far too many video clips that were short on content.

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