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Tweetion for iPhone 3
Developer: Eric O'Laughlen
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tweetion iphoneTweetion by Joggame is the latest in a line of Twitter apps available for the iPhone. Twittering continues to grow in popularity for individuals who want to send what-are-you-doing updates to their friends like “I just noticed I have split ends.” In marketing seminars, business people are hearing that Twitter is currently the hottest marketing tool in the social networking sphere. Whatever your reason for tweeting, Tweetion has the standard ability to send and receive tweets with ease.

Tweetion is more sophisticated than some of its free predecessors. Like Twinkle, Tweetion is location aware and allows you to see posts from other tweeters in your area. You can choose a radius of as little as one mile or up to a thousand miles. You can search tweets for common trends in posting themes.

Other Tweetion features include changing your Twitter profile photo, adding/deleting friends, browsing through archived tweets, sending Twitpic photos along with your tweets and my favorite: updating your Facebook status. If, like me, you spend too much time on social networking apps, you’ll appreciate this one-click update feature.

There are a few cons to this new Twitter app. Tweetion is a tad slow, and it crashed almost every time I used it. With sophistication comes complexity. There are too many screens to navigate through, which made me miss Twitterific’s simple interface. The help section is also difficult to navigate; again, too many pages.

There is a rate limit of 100 requests per hour, but this should be sufficient for most casual tweeters. Because you can add and delete friends with just one touch to the screen, when scrolling through my friends, I accidentally deleted a few of them. Sorry about that, guys.

If you like to update both Twitter and Facebook frequently, that alone may be a reason for you to choose Tweetion over other iPhone Twitter apps. If you want to expand your use of Twitter, the ability to browse local tweets for trends ands friends is appealing. If you want to keep your time spent social networking in check, consider sticking with a simpler app like Twitterific.

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  • FeliciasAtomicLounge

    You can read my review of Tweetion, iPhone twitter app, on It updates both twitter and Facebook.

  • Danica Moore

    I really like this app and all the features it offers. THe location searches are neat and I like viewing the current tweet trends.

  • twittes

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