Match Three Birds in Tweezzle to Enjoy the Scenery

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

tweezzle iphone matching appTweezzle, from developer Arjen van Rhijn, is nice-looking, even a bit slick, but in the end, Tweezle's just another match-three game.

In this version, line up three birdies to get rid of them. You can slide the row of by color birds right and left or up and down to line them up. You can play in either portrait or landscape modes.

Succeed in lining up the birdies, moving them out off the way, and you'll be able to enjoy the scenery — a picture of a beach, mountains (whatever) —which the birdies have obscured. Complete the picture and you'll level up.

Tweezzle has three modes. In Classic mode, you begin with a dark background and as you clear the screen of birds, the underlying image appears. Classic mode also features different kinds of birds, some which get trapped in cages, thus making it impossible to move a row in one direction or the other.

In Challenge mode, you start with an open view and the job is keep the screen cleared before the birds block your view.

Finally, in Endurance mode, you can play Tweezzle until you drop dead of exhaustion or boredom, whichever comes first.

There's not much else to Tweezzle and the developer really doesn't bring any new ideas to the genre. There's the same old "been there, done that" game play common to many other three-match puzzlers I've looked at lately. Three-match games have been fully explored by developers over the years and the genre has been exhausted, I think.

Tweezle is awfully easy to play and doesn't require much change in strategy to continuously level up in any of the modes. There's a hint button in the lower right corner, but trust me, you won't need it.

I played Tweezzle for several hours over a period of a few of days and then it finally dawned on me that a child would really enjoy playing Tweezle: It's cute and easy. There's just not enough to Tweezzle to keep a teen or adult engaged for long. Believe me, I tried.

Watch Tweezle in action:

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • donna

    BTW, it's not free. Costs $2.99 at the iTunes link provided

  • Michael Alexander

    I double checked my iTunes invoice, and when I downloaded the game, it was free. It must have been an introductory offer.

  • Neal Hamou

    The price has been updated thanks for bringing it to our attention.