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Echofon Pro for Twitter
Developer: Ubermedia, Inc.
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twitterfon-pro-iphoneWith TwitterFon Pro, developer Kazuho Okui takes an already excellent Twitter client and makes it even better. This release is a stepped up version of the original TwitterFon, which is still free but now sports ads. Those willing to pay for an ad-free TwitterFon Pro will find the same clean interface with additional features that put this in the top tier of Twitter iPhone apps. If you are a more casual Twitter user, you may be happy sticking with the original TwitterFon.

Along with being ad-free, TwitterFon Pro's upgrades will appeal to those who take their Twitter life seriously. For example, TwitterFon Pro can manage up to four accounts.

Probably one of the biggest strengths it has over competitor Tweetie is rich text. Links jump off the screen and are easy to tap for quick access to links. For those who share links frequently, integration with is a welcome addition that enables tracking of links through the URL shortening service. Instapaper integration is also available, which allows users to save web sites for later reading.

Twitterfon Pro runs neck and neck with Tweetie when it comes to its feature set. In fact TwitterFon Pro does more; yet some of the features are a bit counter intuitive or hard to dig out. For example, hanging up one of the four themes requires a rather convoluted series of steps (described here on the Twitterfon web site). To his credit, developer Kazuho Okui has pledged to clean it up in a future release. And the developer's Twitter feed is frequently updated with workarounds, bug fixes, and update information.

If you are a serious Twitterer then there is much to like with TwitterFon Pro. If the occasional tweeting is enough, then you probably will do fine without the upgrade. But it doesn't mean you won't get jealous when you see the shiny new edition of TwitterfonPro in the App Store.

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  • Karnage

    Another hard-to-find feature seems to be getting your own profile data--who are you following, etc.

    With all the new Twitter app updates, I'd like to see an in-depth comparison.

  • maws

    Ive never understood why Twitter apps do not thread for each person your following?

  • Jon

    RT @appcraver: #iphone TwitterFon Pro a Worthy Upgrade

  • Ingrid

    RT @appcraver: #iphone TwitterFon Pro a Worthy Upgrade

  • Peter321

    Too bad the developer failed to inform us Twitterfon users that this version was coming out when they introduced ads.

    I just bought tweetie just because the ads in Twitterfon annoyed me - the developer could have gotten my money instead had he informed me about the Pro version in the update to Twitterfon where the ads where added :-(