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Two Towers
Developer: Vladyslav Tkachenko
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Two Towers for iOSTwo Towers is an interesting strategy card game with the goal of defeating your enemies to increase your territory to earn more coins and spells. And while you're battling, you also have to protect your own domains or they'll vanish quickly. The game also offers the ability to make bets on castle battles, further increasing the risk and reward for very challenging gameplay.

The castle battles in Two Towers are a lot of fun and at the beginning of these each player can use one of the available spells. Mostly you'll be using ordinary spells that you can get you from your domain or buy as you level up. There are also ancient spells, but are very difficult to find, buy or use.

There are three types of resources, including gems, mana and troops. Each of these increase with each turn depending on the number of buildings you have such as mines, monasteries and barracks. This is very important to know when strategizing as they provide you with more power to defend and defeat. 

You'll find the game to initially be very challenging as you get the hang of the castle battles and trust me starting out as a newbie is difficult, but after getting to 10 wins and becoming a follower you start to get the hang of it. But beware as it will take 500 wins to become a master of the game. And as you level up you'll have a better spell you can buy or earn from your domain.

You'll also get more cards in your deck as you rank up. Keep building up and you might be able to actually chalk up a win, but it's difficult and there are only four ways to do so, which are by your opponent giving up, building a tower of a necessary level, destroying the opponent's tower or collecting the necessary amount of resources.

Visually, Two Towers is very well done and features hand drawn in pencil cards that spared to no expense when it comes to design. The music also adds a nice touch to the overall feeling of the game that will keep you entertained for plenty of time.

With they ability to play as single player, with your friends or any other person from around the world, Two Towers offers a lot of fun for those just entering the card game strategy genre and for veterans looking for another challenge.

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