Typograffit Puts a New Twist on Text

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Typograffit app for iPhoneGraffit, LLC, developer of Typograffit, has dubbed its iPhone/iPod touch app a “visual communication toy," and like most toys, it's big fun.

Enter your text into the text box at the bottom of the screen, tap the "Go" icon, and Typograffit will transform your text into an image comprising letters and numbers taken from signs, t-shirts, neon lights, billboards and yes, even graffiti.

Think of one of those crime-caper movie ransom notes composed of letters cut from newspapers and magazines and you get the general idea.

If you want to see Typograffit in action before you plop down $1.99 for the app, go to Typograffit.com, where you can try the Web version.

The results Typograffit produces (on the app and on the site) are randomly created and you have the option to keep generating new images by repeatedly tapping the Go icon, which refreshes the screen.

Once you’ve found an image you like, you can save it as a JPEG to your iPhone/iPod touch's photo album, email it or upload it to the company's servers, providing you register. You can use the Typograffit app without registering or logging in. However, if you do decide to register, you can upload your images, store them in a library and manage them online. Registration is free.

Typograffit is also capable of generating a permanent link for each image so you can upload and share it with friends through popular social networking systems such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Typograffit features more than text and numbers. Putting certain words in brackets will also generate non-character images. For example, insert [dog] or [woman] and that’s what you’ll get, as you can see in one of the screen shots above. I discovered this feature by viewing the company's Web site -- there's no mention of it in the app. I'm still uncertain just how many of these "hidden" images exist.

A pro designer might not find this app particular useful, but for us nondesign types, Typograffit is a quick and fun way to create logos, signatures – just about anything where ordinary text just won’t do.

Image Gallery:

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • jb

    Brilliant idea! awesome.

  • Sil.H

    I always enjoyed this app using the website,
    but i am happy to hear the iPhone app version
    is out there..

  • trob

    This is really addicting! Fun to just play around with, and it's cool that you can take pictures on your iphone and then use them in your typograffit messages.