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Udder Chaos
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udder chaos iphonePrepare to save your cows from alien abduction in the zany, but flawed, game Udder Chaos by Vincent Nguyen.

Udder Chaos is a fun and simple app that is good for killing a few minutes of your time. Be mindful though that Udder Chaos was a bit buggy and caused a couple of freeze-ups during testing. The developer even recommends that you restart your iPhone after installation. Hopefully this will get worked out and an update will be on its way soon.

As for the game, Udder Chaos offers some fairly solid blast-the-aliens fun. The retro, Nintendo Entertainment System-style graphics add an arcade feel to Udder Chaos. During game play some little green men in flying saucers zip across your screen. Their mission: steal away your cows with their retractor beams — probably so they can perform some kind of horrible experiments on them.

Stop them by blasting the otherworldly invaders with your guns. You control an on-screen target by tilting your iPhone/iPod touch to the left or right. If the enemies get a bit too overwhelming then tap the "bomb" button. The bomb pretty much wipes out most of the enemies on-screen. But use it sparingly as the bombs are few and far between. The control setup is pretty user-friendly with two "shoot" buttons on the bottom left and right sides of the screen, which make it pretty convenient to tap with your thumbs. The target icon is responsive to the tilting; though it might be worth switching to the "high" setting if you want a zippier response when trying to move it around to blast the aliens.

As mentioned Udder Chaos froze once, requiring a hard reset of my iPhone. On another occasion the load time for firing up the game took a couple of minutes. Glitches and bugs are to be expected from time to time, but since this is not a BETA release Udder Chaos should be less prone to freezing. Hopefully this will be resolved so the herd saving can resume.

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