uKnowit Crams a Whopping 10,000 Quotes, Facts, Trivia into One App

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

uknowit-iphone-appHave you ever been stuck mid-sentence because you don't know how to refer to that group of wild boars crossing the expressway? Or spent sleepless nights wondering what type of insanity might make a man think he is an ox? Then, pay close attention to uKnowit.

uKnowit, the trivia app from Baba Ganu, is a scrolling wonderland of minutiae. The compilation includes 10,000 quotations, trivia, factoids, how-to tips, definitions and etymology that could keep even Cliff Clavin occupied for quite some time.

UKnowit is easy enough to grasp. Open the app and a random factoid (referred to as a "Knowit") will appear, slide to scroll through additional trivia right to left. If you come across a particularly juicy tidbit, you can email it to a friend with a quick tap.

Double-tap to add the current Knowit to your personal list of favorites. Build a list of favorites and you'll be able to browse through them with the same scrolling motion. Favorites are differentiated by purple background.

Knowits are short by nature, but if you find that one paragraph is simply not enough information about Koala Bear fingerprints then tap the "learn more" link.  This quick find feature will fire up Google in a new browser with suggested search terms already entered.

One of the best features of uKnowit is the ability to customize the categories. By default the app comes with 14 categories of trivia turned on: animals and pets, arts and entertainment, business and economy, food and beverage, health, history, hobbies, math and science, people and personalities, politics and culture, regional, social science, sports and recreation, and technology.

Each category has a toggle switch that can be turned off or on to force uKnowit to exclude the hokum and show only the details you find most interesting.

Most of the Knowits are interesting, verifiable facts. Most hold up fine under scrutiny. However, I did find one error in my random sampling, Herb (not Ed) Peterson invented the Egg McMuffin. It's unfortunate, but with 10,000 Knowits an error or two is bound to sneak in. Plus, there's always that Learn More button to check anything that doesn't ring true.

Thanks to uKnowit, I now know that a herd of boars is actually called a sounder. As for the ox-driven insanity, you'll just have to purchase uKnowit and find out for yourself.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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