Ultimate Thumb Fighter is a Bloody Battle for Domination

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Ultimate Thumb Fighter
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Ultimate Thumb FighterUltimate Thumb Fighter iPhone app by SWN Software falls short of the ultimate thumbs up. I really wanted to love this game. I play thumb wars with my favorite 12 year old quite often. When this app popped up on my radar, I was ready for action.

The concept was exactly as I expected it to be; two thumbs, my opponent's and one that I controlled by using my own thumb. The object of Ultimate Thumb Fighter is simple, pin your opponents thumb. To achieve this goal you must hold the opponents thumb underneath yours without it escaping for a period of time. The first one to win ten times wins the match.

Ultimate Thumb Fighter has some really nice graphics and sound. One thing you’ll notice while playing is the deterioration of the thumbs as the battles continue. The thumbs become battered, bloodied, and the uniforms become worn and torn. By the time you get to ten losses, you're thumb will likely be worn down to the bone with nothing left but bits of skin. Frustratingly, the AI-thumb never seems to get bruised.

There are several different play settings. Easy, Tournament and Death Match. Each level has differing degrees of difficulty. During play you are able to manipulate the various aspects of your opponents speed and your ability to escape by tilting or shaking your iPhone.

The problem I had with Ultimate Thumb Fighter was frequently having difficulty seeing which thumb was on top because my thumb was covering the screen. The more I played the more I was able to make correct assumptions. But occasionally I still had to lift my thumb to see. Which, if I was on top, released the opponent’s thumb.

I decided to allow my regular thumb-wrestling partner to give it a try and provide me with the expert opinion of a pre-teen. The results were consistent with my findings. It is often difficult to see the field of play.

While, neither of our expectations was reached, Ultimate Thumb Fighter can be challenging and may offer many of you a lot of fun and an outlet to dispense some pent up aggression. There probably is a very specific demographic for Ultimate Thumb Fighter and if you reside there you'll find hours of fun. For me, the battle continues hand-in-hand across the kitchen table with my young opponent.

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  • http://www.swnsoftware.com Walt

    (from the developer)
    Thanks for the review! We released an update recently that shows colored circles that appear when you are on top (blue) and when the opponent is on top (red). You'll have to turn that on in settings. That's helped many of our users get the hang of it. We decided not to show the hints when you first start so we don't spoil the fun for those who like to figure it out. If you want to master it right away, tap "Hints" on the main screen before playing.

    Coming Soon: timed play, play for points, and multiplayer - challenge your friends to do better against the red thumb than you!
    We appreciate all feedback and ideas, please leave us a comment at http://www.swnsoftware.com