Unforgettable iTunes Announcement on the Way from Apple



Apple posted an early-morning message on Monday teasing consumers with the promise of something new to come for the iTunes Store.

"Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget," reads the message on Apple's home page. "Check back here tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes."

This has already been a big year for iTunes. The store earned more than $1 billion in revenue last quarter, launched a new version in September and unveiled social networking with Ping. What else could be coming for the largest digital music store in the U.S.?

As always, there are few clues from the tight-lipped company pointing towards what that announcement might be. But, that hasn't stopped tech sites from offering up their opinions.

  • Many bloggers and journalists posit that the announcement will relate to Apple's purchase last year of music-streaming start-up Lala.com.
  • Or possibly, a cloud-based service that would give users access to their entire iTunes library of music and other entertainment files from their iDevices and over the Web.
  • The announcement could be any one of half a dozen yet-to-be-delivered features that are known to be in the pipeline -- the final release of the Beatles music catalog; wireless syncing between iTunes and Apple's popular iDevices.
  • Some sites offer up the idea that the announcement is more about apps than music. The availability of Apple TV apps? Or the launch of the already-announced Mac App store?
  • A few sites even suggest that this may be the much-anticipated release of iOS 4.2, though that's doubtful given that the admittedly-cryptic message does clearly say "announcement from iTunes."

Whatever the announcement will be, it's obvious from the swirling rumors that there haven't been any big leaks in Apple's PR department. The only thing we know is that it's worldwide and it's big.

I guess, like the rest of us, you'll just have to check in tomorrow to find out the details. Tune in at 10am Eastern, 7am Pacific time.

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  • nebur29

    I would settle for an announcement that stated that iTunes would no longer be the "suckiest" part of an otherwise great iPhone/iPad experience. Apple should invest some time and R&D dollars into making iTunes less painful to use.

  • ohernan

    Probably about iTunes getting the Beatles catalog. Ho hum.

  • Mongo

    I think its going to be that they can start selling Beatle music.

  • Meana

    It is Beatles:) and it is already there, change the article:))))

  • Chris

    I believe and hope it'll be the long awaited iPad 4.0 update.

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