UnitXpert - The Conversion Expert Is A Great Tool For Simplifying Complicated Conversions

UnitXpert - #1 Unit Conversion App for everyone (AppStore Link)
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UnitXpert - #1 Unit Conversion App for everyone
Developer: Santosh Kumar
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UnitXpert - The Conversion Expert for iOS 2UnitXpert - The Conversion Expert is a great tool for anyone who makes unit conversions on a regular basis. Whether you are an accountant, a student or just a fan of the Metric system, UnitXpert is a great tool to have in your iOS devices.

The app is extremely comprehensive and can convert 34 different category of items, over 900 units and 151 currencies. So no matter what item you need to convert—anything from currency to radioactivity, UnitXpert - The Conversion Expert will probably be able to do it.

UnitXpert is easy to use and only requires the push of a few buttons to get quick and accurate conversions. Each of the 34 categories is separated into individual icons on the app, so all you have to do is pick your topic, which range from the standard: Angles, Area, Currency and Energy to the obscure: Flowrate, Specific Heat Capacity and Thermal Conductivity. This would be a great app for any high school or college student taking advanced science classes. 

UnitXpert, which is available on both the iPad and iPhone, also has a sleek, fun design. The app looks like a school chalkboard and displays all your conversions as if they were written on it by the teacher. One fantastic element about the UnitXpert app is that it is a multilingual tool which can be used in seven different languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and simplified Chinese. All you need to do is just go into the settings menu on the app's home screen and change the language.

I typically don't make many conversions during my day-to-day routine but the app does come in handy. While testing out UnitXpert I got into a conversation about how many feet where in a mile, and luckily for me I was able to make the conversion and find out an answer without any hassle. (That's 5280 feet for those who haven't downloaded the app yet.)

I didn't find any issues with UnitXpert. It is a simple conversion app that does its job well. I am not sure that it will be a useful app for me, but I do understand the value it will have for Appcraver readers who make conversions on a daily basis.

UnitXpert is one of those apps that you won't notice until you actually need it for something. So it might sit on your iOS device unused for days at a time, but when you do finally use it to make a quick conversion it will feel like a life saver. Overall, UnitXpert is a well made and very efficient app. I would recommend it to any iOS user, particularly to the ones who are looking for a unit converter.

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