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Developer: Gameloft
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uno iphone appUNO, from Gameloft, is an old-time card game that's especially ideal for families with children. The rules are simple, at least for the standard game. I know many adults who play UNO as well, although I don't think any of them are brain surgeons or rocket scientists.

This version of UNO gives you all the game playing options of the actual card game, including custom (or house) rules. In other words, it's faithful to the real thing.

Where the iPhone version differs is that you can play against the machine or against three other players sharing the same wireless router.

The game looks good and plays without a hitch. The music is stultifying but you can choose to turn it off or listen to your own tunes while you play.

My primary beef with UNO is the $7.99 price. If you look at the originality, sophistication and inventiveness of other games in this price range, this one doesn't measure up. That's not to say the developers didn't do a good job — they did. It's the marketing people who missed the target.

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