Just for Kicks, Urban Kick Academy Proves a Pleasant Little Game


urban-kick-academy-iphone-appWhen the developers at 1BigApp contacted us about Urban Kick Academy, they claimed to have had trouble getting site reviews of their debut app for iPhone and iPod touch.

Luckily, we’re pretty much game for anything around here and though I initially groaned at this endeavor thinking it would be some kind of martial arts meets street fighting fan fare, I ultimately ended up chuckling at my preconception.

After giving Urban Kick Academy a run through, I’d have to say it’s a shame that others turned them down.

Urban Kick Academy is actually a launch and fly game with simple parameters. You try to beat your best distance and score each time you play. Similar in concept to Kitty Kannon and Flight of the Hamsters (which I loved), Urban Kick Academy features a helmet-guarded rag doll boy that is essentially electrocuted off the hood of a car with the power of jumper cables. You control the trajectory and power of his launch by simply touching the screen to adjust the arrow and tapping the screen at the desired battery power level.

As LilBall (that’s rag doll’s name) flops and flies through the air, he encounters various objects that aid in his flight. Exploding mines, rockets, kites and rubber chickens await him and might throw him further up or give him extra abilities. It might sound silly, and in truth it is, but that’s the point. There is some amusement to the concept (depending on your sense of humor) and while you randomly encounter penguins in space helmets if LilBall flies high enough, it’s the “fart-n-fly” button that really sets him off.

Urban Kick Academy may not be intelligent gameplay, but it’s simple fun and a quick pick-up-and play for random amusement. There are no instructions included and Urban Kick Academy simply launches to the “tap to start” main menu. For this, I frown a bit since many users need basic instructions, but honestly, it’s not hard to figure out.

The animation is handmade and Urban Kick Academy is laden with little sound effects that are just right. I haven’t figured out if obtaining bats, kites, and satellite parts scores extra points, but I do know you have to hit the rubber chickens to replenish the fart-o-meter. The game keeps track of each round’s score as well as the best overall distance and score.

At the conclusion of Urban Kick Academy’s review, it gets points for humor and entertainment as well as replay value. It’s simple and quick to play and is priced right. With the developer’s promise of leader boards, Facebook connectivity, and some “surprises” in future updates, Urban Kick Academy is well on the way to achieving worthwhile entertainment status.

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  • Dmitry

    Wow! Great funny game!
    Warning: verry addictive time-killer ^_^