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U.S. Historical Documents
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us historical documents iphone appYou don't have to be a history buff or scholar to appreciate the wealth of information contained in U.S. Historical Documents, from Standard Works.

U.S. Historical Documents contains more than 100 of the most influential documents in U.S. history in their entirety. You start the app from a table of contents that is sectioned by century, from pre-17th century to the 21st century; from the Constitution of the Iroquois Nations, to Barack Obama's acceptance speech.

The amount of material the iPhone can store is stunning when you think about it. Years ago, this much material would have occupied entire libraries. Today, it won't even fill your pocket. But that's a digression.

As you probably expect, to navigate through all this material takes a very good search engine, which U.S. Historical Documents has. You can perform the typical search on individual words and combination of words. You also have at hand advanced search features such as wildcard searches, "fuzzy searches" for words that sound alike but are spelled differently (not only homonyms but also words you misspell), proximity searches and more.

With U.S. Historical Documents you can read in portrait or landscape mode, pinch and zoom text and swipe to scroll. You also have the option of scrolling using buttons, adjusting the auto scroll speed and using tilt to scroll.

You can also create notes and display them in line. You also have the  option to highlight text in the color of your choice and to bold face, underline and make other changes that make important paragraphs stand out.

U.S. Historical Documents has several other features and there's plenty of help to get you started. This one is the new real deal.

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  • Questionable

    Interesting that you chose to feature this app instead of the more well designed "Manual for the USA"

  • Michael Alexander


    I haven't had opportunity to look at "Manual for the USA." In what ways do you think it's better designed? Is it interface, content, features or something else?

    I'll take a look at it when I get some breathing room. Thanks for your comment.

  • Confused

    The manual one was already reviewed on Nov 4 and received 8/10 rating.

  • Barbara Holbrook

    We have 8 reviewers and each has a slightly different style. I did the review for Manual of the United States. And, as noted in the review, the reason it didn't rate higher is because it is such a memory hog. Usability is major consideration in our review process.