Use Smule's Sonic Lighter to Find Out which is the Top Drawers


Smule, known for Ocarina and other best-selling apps, has introduced a new version of Sonic Lighter that enables users around the world to help answer one of life's most pressing questions: "Boxers or briefs?"

If you're a boxer guy, flick on a green flame; if you're a briefs guy, light it white. To check out where you stand in underwear, use Smule's custom globe view to find out which garment is the top drawers. At the moment, it appears most men go for boxers, but it's still early in race for space.
To help find an answer to which pair people prefer to wear, Smule threw the question over to Steve Lien, CEO, UnderU4Men, a men's undergarment retailer located in the Pacific Northwest. Moms start out buying  tighty whities, Lien explains. In middle school, boys go for boxers. Later in life, a lot of men switch back to briefs, although it's not entirely clear why that is.

Sonic Lighter already has predicted the outcomes of the U.S. Presidential campaign and last weekend's Super Bowl based on the color of the flames chosen by the majority of users of other Sonic Light versions, says Smule's CTO Ge Wang. "And so our ambitions at Smule Research have grown, and we've decided to tackle a more fundamental question, namely the choice of men's undergarments."

Some 200,000 iPhone and iPod touch owners have chosen Sonic Flame to light their fires on six continents, the company says. One guy alone fired it up 8,121 times.

Sonic Lighter is a virtual lighter whose flame you can tilt to "fry" the side of your device, ignite other Smule apps such as Sonic Boom or use as a blow torch. You can pinch the flame to change its size and when you no longer need to light your way, a puff of breath into the iPhone of iPod touch's microphone will blow the flame out.

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