VECTROS Brings New Meaning to Fast-Paced Space Fighting

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Developer: moak-1 co., Ltd.
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VECTROS for iOSTRON. This is what I think of when I play VECTROS, a flying shooter game featuring vector scan graphics. And similar to TRON, I like VECTROS as well. Call me Neo or just a gamer out for a good time, but the look and feel of this game is solid.

VECTROS is a 3D action space shooter that is set in a not too distant future where vector-style flight battles have commenced between the allied forces of Earth and an encroaching battalion from Mars. The point of the game is to steer your fighter, a.k.a. "Cynthia", through corridors and factories, shoot down the enemy and race to Earth's rescue. And while the story has been played out a million times, this game is still a blast. 

The irony is that the "VECTROS" that your unmanned aircraft Cynthia is flying through was first developed by Mars to aid in the destruction of Earth, but the good people on the third rock from the sun decided to commandeer the vessel and unleash fury in the form of Cynthia, weapons and of course your ability to fly the craft.

As for your weapons, there are two choices readily available, including the quick laser blaster that is basically a semi-auto burst as well as the homing missiles. As the name implies, the missiles automatically chase, track and deploy their payload on the target, resulting in mass destruction. These weapons can be used throughout the game as well as the end of each stage's boss battle. I'll warn you now, the bosses aren't easy and require different strategies and tactics to destroy each.

I was pleasantly surprised with gameplay. Most of the time when playing vector-based games, I found myself getting annoyed by the inability to differentiate between lines of aircrafts, obstacles and enemy ammo targeted directly at my craft. This, for obvious reasons, poses a real threat in advancing through a game like this. Luckily, VECTROS is very well designed and provides you with easily distinguishable lines or vector art.

The fast-paced gameplay is quite thrilling. Making quick turns with your gyro-enabled controls gives you a sense of frenzy when you first play, but after awhile feels normal and adds to the overall frenetic rhythm that the developer seems to be going after. Well played, nenet, well played.

For its well-designed vector art, extreme rate of movement and sweet sounds from Ogura Hisayoshi Onga Seisakushow, VECTROS is a solid option for those who love sci-fi, fighters and the future.

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