Vegas Mate is a Helpful Travel Guide to Sin City

VegasMate - Las Vegas Travel Guide (AppStore Link)
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VegasMate - Las Vegas Travel Guide
Developer: Hunter Hillegas
Price: free Download on the App Store

vegas mateVegas Mate, the recently released city guide app by the Vegas Media Group, provides very useful information for anyone going to Sin City. Vegas Mate provides lists of hotels, restaurants, shows and activities are the main focus of the app. Each list offers information such as address, average cost, editor rating, a map, and reviews. The map function can be viewed in the Vegas Mate app and transferred into the map function on the iPhone for directions, a phone button will connect you directly to the hotel or restaurant you are searching.

The reviews are written by Vegas Mate users and you can add your own review for other users to enjoy. With the user-experience aspect of this feature, Vegas Mate allows you to compare different reviews and make up your mind with more than one opinion at hand. The Expert Help feature offers slightly random information, like where to find the best views of the strip or how much to tip, which could be of use to the inexperienced Vegas tourist.

Making use of the iPhone's geolocation feature, Vegas Mate will find the closest restaurants for anyone looking to eat after a long night of gambling, which can come in handy in a city where anything can happen. Furthermore Vegas Mate will tell you which places are currently open for business. With a good amount of basic information regarding different venues and hotels, and a user-based review system, Vegas Mate will be useful to anyone traveling to Las Vegas without a pre-set plan.

The $4.99 price tag might make one go searching for additional information and a more comprehensive list of tips in the Expert Help section, but overall Vegas Mate will be a very loyal travel companion.

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  • Frances2364

    This is a must-have if you're visiting Lost Wages from now on. I can only imagine how helpful this app really will be

  • Frances2364

    And a tip-calculator too?! I will definitely be needing that feature! LOL

  • dr. b

    i love vegas mate and i use it every time i go to vegas (which has been 2 or 3 times since its release.) with the addition of user reviews in version 1.1, the amount of information we have access to is incredible!!! highly recommended for those late nights when a meal is necessary but your options need to be presented to you.