Viva Vegas Slots! Fast-Paced, Picture Perfect, Gambling


vegas slots iphone appWith unsurpassed precision, Electron Hut's vice city inspired Vegas Slots puts five 3-reel slot machines on the table for those who are tickled by taking a chance.

Bell Fruit, Double Jackpot, Double Jackpot 3-Line, Triple Sevens and  Triple Sevens 5-Line offer an exciting selections of odds and options. The realistic casino controls are fun and quite easy to manage. The user simply shakes the iPod to bet the maximum allowance, scrolls to view the pay table.

A touch stops the reel, tap to skip payout and a drag or flick of the finger spins the individual reels (though the developer of Vegas Slots warns that's only for fun and cheating isn't encouraged.)

The audio and visual effects in Vegas Slots are both stunningly detail-oriented, almost intimidatingly so. One gets the feeling that if caution isn't executed, the deed to the house and the title to the car could easily be lost once as the addiction increases. It's good thing you're holding your breath in anticipation when the reels start spinning, otherwise it just may be be taken away.

The developer of Vegas Slots boasts realistic motion but the impressive speed and blur, though anticipated, were unexpected. The reels spin at warp speed but stay smooth, fluid. The cash aspect in Vegas Slots offers, again, crisply rendered greenbacks in every denomination from ones to one hundred dollar bills, which slide with ease into the bill slot.

To concede to a cold machine and move on to hotter prospects, simply clicking the menu in the upper left hand corner of Vegas Slots allows the user to jump to another set of slots. Personal cash, credit and game settings are saved at the end of each play, a nice on-the-go feature to indulge in a few quick pulls to pass the time on the bus, between meetings, etc.

A steal at $3.99, all fans of the one-armed bandits should take a gamble on Vegas Slots.

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