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VIP Access for iPhone
Developer: Symantec
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verisign vip accessVIP Access - If you worry about an unauthorized person accessing your PayPal, eBay or similarly sensitive account where your security is paramount, download VeriSign’s free VIP Access app.

The way hackers often get into sensitive accounts is by exploiting weak passwords. They know many people use passwords that are too short, or consist of pet names, birth dates and other easy-to-crack passwords. You would be surprised just how many people use “sex,” for their password, for example.

What VIP Access does is to add an additional layer of security that makes it nearly impossible for someone other than you to get into your account.

Security 101: There are essentially three layers of security. The first is one-factor is something you know like your login ID and password. The second is two-factor, which is something you know and something only you have such as a bank card. The third is something you know, something you have, and something you are, such as your fingerprint.

VIP Access uses two-factor protection and the thing you (and only you) have is a “token.”  A token is a device with a unique credential--a lengthy series of alpha-numeric characters—and the ability to generate a temporary password every 30 seconds. In this instance, your token is your iPhone or iPod touch.

VIP Access attributes a unique credential to your handheld and it generates a temporary password. When you go to one of VeriSign’s member sites, you’ll be asked to register your credential and each time there after that you’ll enter your usual login ID and password and a temporary password created by you iPhone or touch.

I know all this can seem daunting but it's actually easy once you’ve done it the first time.

From your VIP Access launch screen, you have the options to watch a video (see below), read how to get started, peruse a  FAQ and find out where you can use this app on the Web. VerisSign’s member sites include PayPal, eBay, banks and other sites where you might be concerned about security. The number of places where you can use this system are somewhat limited right now, but VeriSign’s security is widely used and I have no doubt many more sites will get with the program.

To begin, visit a member site by entering this URL from your desktop or laptop browser: and click on the logo of the site you want to use and go there. On the site’s home page, look for the VeriSign Identity Protection logo and follow the instructions to log in with your credential ID and your security code. Register your credential at each VIP member site that you plan to visit. You only have to do that once for each site.

Thereafter, when you visit the site, you’ll log in as usual, followed by a six-digit password provided by the app.

It’s a safe and sensible way of protecting your identity and hard-won dough. It's all free too. Give VIP Access a try. It’s well worth the small amount of effort.

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  • MotionMind

    After using this app for a bit I can say that it works as advertised but has unintended side issues. Because you need to have this app open to get your ID code, it makes the iPhone apps of Ebay and Paypal pretty unusable.

  • Michael Alexander

    I've used this app several times with PayPal and eBay without a single issue. I don't plan to ever go back to the standard way of logging in.

    Launch the app, enter the code where specified, and close app.

    If you don't have your iPhone/touch handy, you can still login by entering answers to your secret questions.

  • MotionMind

    It is doable to switch apps and log in, but it's just enough to negate the convenience of the ebay app for me, especially if I have something I need to raise my bid on asap.