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Video Star
Developer: Frontier Design Group, LLC
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Video Star for iOSEverybody wants to be a big, big star, right? With Video Star you're one step closer to Hollywood with the ability to make your own music videos complete with built-in real-time effects. Who knows, you might just become the next Rebecca Black. In the mean time, creating a music video is very simple.

As soon as the app is launched you can tap the plus button to start a video. From there a screen pops up with all of your music from your iTunes library. Once you've selected a song, I picked "Float On" by Modest Mouse, the camera automatically turns on.  This is where it gets fun. 

If you have an imagination and a little bit of time you can actually make a pretty sweet video, well, for an iPhone and no budget. Video Star comes with a large portfolio of built-in effects from layouts to colors and motion FX to frames.

One of the most useful features is the ability to stop mid song, change an effect and get right back into it. This is extremely helpful when trying to make a video that has some actual oomph to it. But of course, like my video professor always told me, glitz and glamour isn't always the way and sometimes less is more. While you're in selecting effects you can also create custom effects which, again, is a nice touch.

And there's nothing worse than taking video and realizing it's all wrong so to combat this, Video Star has an option within the app to review the video you just shot. This is great and removes a lot of useless video that needed to be deleted because your hair wasn't right or the effect just didn't go with your outfit.

The quicksnap feature gives you the ability to capture an image of your screen to show off on Facebook or Pinterest as well as just save to your photo library. It's on par with Instagram.

Overall, Video Star is the perfect video maker to get you ready for your lip-syncing YouTube career. In all seriousness, the app is extremely powerful and its combination of custom and built-in special effects along with preview playback and image capture makes this music video maker is a must download. If you have a beautiful voice and care to show it off, make sure to check out VideoFX Live from the same developers.

Cover of "If I Die Young"

Cover of "Boyfriend"

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